2020 Roy Miller Award – Justin Fujimori

“Justin you were the first person that came to mind when I was looking at who to nominate for an award.  Which Award should Justin get?… Roy Miller for sure.  You make everybody around you better. And when you were not there, your teammates were the first to say, we could use Justin.  It is a gift to have vision, toudh, and leadership  qualities, and you possess them all.  And, you used them all to help your team succeed.  The Roy Miller Award is all about truly being Black and Orang, and you made the coaches, your teammates, and fans all proud that you were an Oiler.  Your teammates selected you Captain, and I couldn’t agree more with their decision”

Your future is bright, and you made a lasting impression here at Huntington! Congrats Justin!”

Coach Sean and the entire HBHS Boys Soccer Coaching Staff!