Good Evening Oilers….
We have more exciting news!! The game schedule has been released and is listed below.  The schedule is subject to change, so please be patient with any modifications.  We will let you know of any changes as soon as they become available.
Here’s what we know so far:
  • Games played at HBHS will now be played at Miller Field.
  • We do NOT have all game times.  Once we do, we will let you know.
  • The school will NOT be providing buses for AWAY Games this year..
  • If your player needs help getting to the field, please reach out to one of the Boosters Board Members and we will find him a ride.
  • Each players gets 2 family members to cheer them on at each game.
  • Family members need to bring their own chairs to sit along the outside fence of Miller Field. Please sit along the side lines and not behind the goals. 
  • Families must social distance during the game.
Game times at HBHS will be:
  • Frosh   @ 3:00pm
  • JV        @ 4:30pm
  • Varsity @ 6:00pm
HBHS Boys Soccer Schedule 2020-2021 Season:
3/8/21 HBHS @ Edison 6:00pm 3:00pm 4:30pm
3/10/21 Marina @ HBHS 6:00pm 4:30pm 3:00pm
3/15/21 HBHS @ Ocean View TBA TBA TBA
3/17/21 Fountain Valley @ HBHS 6:00pm 4:30pm 3:00pm
3/18/21 Blaze Pizza Fundraiser Details to follow
3/19/21 PICTURE DAY Details to follow
3/22/21 HBHS @ Westminster TBA TBA No Game
3/24/21 HBHS @ Fountain Valley 2:30pm 2:30pm 4:00pm
4/5/21 HBHS @ Los Alamitos 5:45PM 3:00pm 3:00pm
4/7/21 NO GAME
4/12/21 Laguna Beach @ HBHS – Senior Night 6:00pm 4:30pm no game
4/14/21 Marina @ HBHS 6:00pm 4:30pm 3:00pm
4/19/21 HBHS @ Newport Harbor 3:00pm 3:00pm 3:00pm
4/21/21 Edison @ HBHS 6:00pm 4:30pm 3:00pm
4/26/21 HBHS @ CDM 5:00Pm 3:00pm 3:00pm
4/28/21 HBHS @ Laguna Beach 6:30pm 4:45pm no game
5/3/21 HBHS @ Marina 3:00pm 3:00pm 3:00pm
5/5/21 Newport Harbor @ HBHS 6:00pm 4:30pm 3:00pm