Purpose and Format: This is an Intimate Tournament with Great Competition!… “Guaranteeing Your Team 4 Games” The Tournament is open to all levels of boys programs from your school…Varsity, JV, F/S

We “Guarantee that your team will play four games over three (3) days. Finals will be under the lights on Saturday”. In the event of a forfeiture, the team forfeiting the game will be responsible for the referee fees for that game, and the referee fees for any remaining games in which they would have been involved if another opponent cannot be found. Their opponent will be awarded a 3-0 win receiving the maximum points (10).

Game Duration and Scoring: Games in pool play will consist of two 35 minute halves (a tie in pool play is a tie). Finals (Saturday afternoon) will be 40 minute halves for Varsity and 35 minute halves for JV and F/S, and in the event of a tie in the final, there will be two 10 minute periods with Golden Goal Applicable. If there is still a tie after the two 10 minute periods, then the game will go straight to PK’s (5 shooters…then one at a time until a winner is decided). Consolation Games on Saturday afternoon will play two 30 minute halves and consolation games ending in a tie finish as a tie.

6 Points for a Win

3 Points for Tie

1 Point for a shut out…0-0 is not a shut out

0 Points for a loss

1 Point per goal up to 3 goals maximum

Teams that finish tied in their pool, will use the following criteria to determine which team finishes ahead of the other team:

1) Head to Head

2) Least Goals Allowed

3) Most Goals Scored

4) Coin Toss…Home team in head to head game calls the coin toss …note if more than two teams tie for first place in their pool…then the two teams that allowed the least amount of goals in their pool play will participate in the PK shoot out to see who advances to the Final.

Kickoff: Home team is listed first on the schedule and shall provide the soccer balls for the game (up to three soccer balls if the referee wishes) and the Visiting team shall decide which side of the field they want to defend first.

Home team will have choice of sidelines in the stadium, both teams will share a sideline when on Miller Field so that the parents can watch from the other side.

Home team wears white/light colored kits

Substituting a Player: Substitutions will be the same as high school…you may sub on any goal kick or any kickoff…if not, you may only sub on your throw in…You may also sub if the other team is substituting a player…Substitutions for injuries will be at the referee’s discretion.

Protests: The referee’s decision is Final…there can be NO PROTESTS…We have asked to be provided with the best possible referee’s…it is our hope that we were provided with the best.

Awards: Medals and Championship Shirts for the Tournament Champions….Medals to the Finalists

Check In: All teams will need to check in prior to their first game on Thursday. Please make sure to have enough rosters to provide us, the referees and your opponent (if they ask for one).

Please enjoy your time here…use the tournament to identify players…build school and program spirit…but most of all…Enjoy the Game, Because it is the Greatest Game on Earth!!!

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU HERE… AND WITH YOUR SEASON!!! All the Best from All of Us Here at HBHS!!!!

Sean J Dick Tournament Director