To the players and parents of the HBHS Boys Soccer Program…

Coach Eric, Coach Alan and myself met at the high school for over an hour the other day to discuss which is by far our best program since I have been here at HBHS.
We looked at each player and what they bring to the program, next was playing time and who can challenge for a spot on Varsity, then the look was to the future…how can we continue to build that team chemistry that is needed to win the league and go beyond the first round of CIF…then was commitment/attendance…as you all have heard me say…you are student athletes not athletic students…grades are so important..and so is family. In my book Family is First! Because when all is said and done, your family will always be there for you…so if they need you…you go!
This year we took the most players on Varsity because of the crazy play club and high school at the same time rule….JV is also a large roster because we may need to move players up if needed (injury, illness, family etc)
Lastly, freshmen…I always want to keep my freshmen together the first year, because this is also about friendships and memories, and they will build a bond with some players that will last well beyond high school, and playing together can only help to strengthen that friendship.
With all this being said, we as coaches feel this is the best three squads to achieve our goals as a program and be successful at all levels.

If your name is not below, thank you for taking the time to tryout for our teams.  Hope to see you at next season tryouts.

   Practice will be tomorrow from 2:00-3:30 ( Varsity and JV),  3:30-5:00 ( Frosh/So)  at Miller Field.