Phase 2 will begin on Monday October 26, 2020.

Training schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. All training sessions will be on Miller Field:
Varsity – 2:00pm – 3:30pm
JV –       3:30pm – 5:00pm
F/S –      5:00pm – 6:30pm

At this time all the same rules are still in affect: 

In phase 2 players will be put into groups of 10, including a coach. This group will stay together until phase 3 starts. If any player or coach gets sick, the entire group will be put into quarantine and need to get tested in order to return.   In phase 2 we are allowed to have a keeper in the goal which is NOT allowed in phase 1. Players are not to handle the ball. Only the keeper is allowed to touch the ball.  Coaches are to manage the balls which includes cleaning them and putting them away.

Important Rules:

– All training gear (clothing, shin guards, etc.) should be washed after each training session.

– All athletes must have a mask on when they arrive and leave.>

Water will not be provided. Each player should bring their own water. There will be no sharing of water.

There will be no access to locker rooms. Players should show up ready to work out. Locker rooms are closed!

– NO handling of the ball or spiting on the turf or grass.

Parents are not allowed to get out of cars. They can only drop off and pick up. They are not allowed to be on campus to watch practice. Parents must be on time to pick up their players. Coaches are not allowed to leave until all players are picked up!

Parents should not leave until their child passes the temperature check with a feverbelow 100 degrees.

– If a student tests above 100 degrees twice in a ten minute span, he will be sent homeand will not be able to return to practice until he has tested negative for Covid 19 by adoctor.

Players who have not been cleared by the athletic department will not be allowed to participate.  No exceptions.

The following MUST be completed ASAP:

-All athletes will need to complete 

-All athletes will need a new, current physical completed by a Dr.  They can either upload the physical into the or they can email it to Melissa Vandenbosch (AD) .

-All athletes must complete the Impact concussion test.

Code: xy2ty25u8q


– The emergency card and VAPA are attached. They must be filled out and brought to Coach Sean on the first day of practice.


Please remember this can change daily.  I will keep parents informed as I receive information. 

Thank You.

Louisa Pugliese

Boys Soccer Communication