2020 Male Most Inspirational Athlete Of The Year Award – Jared Rhone

“Jered, I want to keep this right to the point. Because I could type forever, about you just a person sa how inspirational you are. But I want to focus on you as a Captain and how you inspired this year’s team to be once of the best teams I have had since I started coaching here at Huntington.

I saw your potential your junior year, you spoke and the team listened, you led by example in the locker room and even more important on the pitch. You wanted to win so badly, that you were willing to try and carry the entire team your back for as far as you could go. You took everyone’s mistakes personally , as if it was your fault, you expected and got the best from your teammates, not by yelling, but by encouraging them to do their best for the team! By demanding the best, your game improved, and when your game improved, the team improved. You are always respectful, not only towards the coaching staff, but towards the game, and that is something that only comes when you have love and respect for all the parts of the game.

And, because of your passion and effort, you have received MVP Honors, All Sunset Leagues Honors, All County Honors, and, you have the opportunity of a lifetime to play soccer at the next level. Well Done, Jared!”

Coach Sean and the entire HBHS Boys Soccer Coaching Staff!